The Cultdom Chronicles

The Past, Present and Future of Cult Media


Just checking our Show page on TalkShoe – and noticed that the first ‘Live’ recording we need on the ‘New TalkShoe’ was on July 9th 2018. This was Episode 342 ‘9 Fantastic Years of Cultdom!’ Direct Link here:

Here is an image of that for this Gallery Page

In 1993 the 30th Anniversary Children in Need special Dimensions In Time – Part One was first broadcast on BBC One

Part Two Images from Doctor Who ‘Dimensions in Time’

iTunes UK 'Hobbies' Section July 2016 Cultdom listed No. 32

iTunes UK ‘Hobbies’ Section July 2016 Cultdom listed No. 32

iTunes US 'Hobbies Section Cultdom No. 7

iTunes US ‘Hobbies Section Cultdom No. 7

iTunes 'Hobbies' Section UK July 2014

iTunes ‘Hobbies’ Section UK July 2014


The Cultdom Collective Podcast now available on Lisn



Now Listed on Podcast Chart (with it’s nice Pop-Out Player)



Now listed on Podcastpedia


Here is The Cultdom Collective Podcast playing on my main TV via TuneIn and my Chromecast device – controlled with an iPhone


PodcastPlayingOnTVviaTuneInAndChromecastCommentaryQuotesBannerCultdomPodcastAug2014At14InTop200HobbiesUSversionOFiTunesCultdom FB Years Small







A couple of recent ‘special’ Commentary Badges 🙂

Cultdom Xmas


Cultdom Podcast Listed on NewStarShip Page Cultdom Interview – Huston Huddleston ST:NG Bridge Restore

Our New Third Anniversary Show Badges!


Cultdom Commentary The Impossible Astronaut – top on Google Search Engine for a Doctor Who commentary on this episode

The Cultdom Collective Page on – The House of Commentaries

Doctor Who Podshock – Spring 2011 Second Life Meetup

Cultdom Podcasts for October 2010 onwards

Talkshoe Widget

Dr Robert White has developed a new Talkshoe Widget for podcasts that have their own self-hosted WordPress blog and used The Cultdom Collective Podcast to illustrate it:-

Our Wiget

Our Widget

The Cultdom Collect at the Doctor Who Podshock ‘Second Life’ meet up 14 Nov ’09

New Dr Who Logo


First showing of The Cultdom Collective t-shirt!

as show on daveac vblog 057

And here is the back of The Cultdom Collective Podcast T-Shirt


Podcast Alley!

The Cultdom Collective on Podcast Alley

The Cultdom Collective on Podcast Alley

Cultdom Collective on iTunes

Cultdom Collective on iTunes You Tube video

Cultdom 12 Seconds

Cultdom 12 seconds page

Cultdom 12 seconds page

daveac 12 Seconds

Using utter to announce the first episode

Using utter to announce the first episode


Cultdom Twitter page new look

Cultdom - We Are Coming!

Checkout daveac’s dac100 Photobucket site for more pictures of Emma Watson (from the Cult Book & Film Series Harry Potter) – shown here appearing on the J Ross show:-

Emma Watson on J Ross Show

Emma Watson on J Ross Show

Pictures relating to shows plus logos & graphics – maybe even pictures of real-world events!

Cultdom twitter page

Cultdom twitter page

Cultdom Talkshoe ID 54821

Cultdom Talkshoe ID 54821

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