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Page giving brief details of each recorded show

Details posted on this page  give a short summary of each show  – including any reference to any longer ‘off-topic’ segments not flagged up in the show’s title.

SHOWS – Newest at the top

EPISODE 30 – It Came from the Future!

How Science Fiction has seen the future from Flying Cars to Global devistation to Space travel.

CommentaryVan Statten’s Wine Cellar‘ on Episode ‘Dalek

Ian and Dave raid Henry’s wine cellar, only to find a DVD to watch.

EPISODE 29 – Love in SciFi

On Valentines Day – love is in the air – also is it in Science Fiction?

Studio Epi – Cultdom In Limbo

Dave, Ian & Mike Discuss Empire Magazine’s “10 Movies Lost In Limbo”

EPISODE 28 – Sport in SciFi

Suberbowl! No Sport in Science Fiction – or is there? 🙂

Commentary ‘Wine & Roses’ on Episode 1 ‘Rose’

Dave & Ian Do Commentary! We sit down with a glass or two and watch The first episode series one of Doctor Who.

EPISODE 27 RTD‘s Retrospective

Now that RTD has ended his time on Doctor Who – what do we make of his tenure at the helm of this flagship programme?

Studio Epi Spinoffs or Visiting the bottle THE SEQUEL

It’s Spinoffs & Sequels…THE SEQUEL!! Dave and Ian are joined once again by Rand alThor and this week a special guest DMWalling!

EPISODE 26Paradox/Day of the Triffids

We try to cover two short British Sci-Fi shows in this one podcast – Paradox & The Day of the Triffids

EPISODE 25 – DS The Cult Spy Awards ’09

We are talking about Digital Spy’s ‘The Cult Spy Awards 2009’ list

Studio Epi – Spinoffs or Visiting the bottle once to often

Dave, Ian and Special Guests Rand al Thor & Merlin natter on about spin-offs, sequels an the like… unfortunately we ran out of wine so look out for Part 2!!!

Studio Epi – Looking ahead at 2010

Dave and Ian are Joined by Rand_althor to discuss what is coming up in the world of Sci-Fi & Cult TV in 2010

EPISODE 24 – DS 2009 Staggering Deaths

We will be covering Digital Spy’s 2009’s ‘Staggering Death’ List

Studio EpiTriffids Ahoy!

Dave, Ian & two bottles of wine get together to discuss Triffids old and new.

EPISODE 23 – DR Who TEOT Part 2

Talking about the second part of the two-part Dr Who special ‘The End Of Time’ Also summing up & rating the whole story. PLEASE NOTE earlier start time of 2 PM EST

Studio Epi – TEOT First Thoughts

Ian, Dave, Tardis Tara, DMWalling, Merln & Rand Al Thor get together for a little chat to share our first thoughts of The End Of Time Part 2.

Studio Epi – TEOT 2 Speculation

Dave and Ian have a little fun on New Years Eve Discussing what we think/hope will happen in Part 2 of Doctor Who – The End Of Time

EPISODE 22 – SFX list cont./TEOT Part1

Finishing off ‘Loving Doctor Who’ – the top 10 of the SFX list and then talking a little about ‘The End of Time: Part 1’ – before Podshock LIVE at 5PM Talkshoe ID 23358

EPISODE StudioChristmas Message

Short Christmas message from daveac & Ian – the6thdoctor. Please feel free to add this to any drwho, sci-fi or fantasy podcast. (Under 1 minute)

EPISODE 21 – Loving New Who!

It’s another ‘LIST’ show as we start with SFX ’27 Things SFX Loves About New Who’ See:-

EPISODE 20 – Sarah Jane Adventures S3

Chatting about the latest SJAs in Series 3

EPISODE 19 – A Decade of Sci-Fi

As we come to the end of the Decade what have been the big hits & misses in Sci-Fi, Cult TV & Films.

EPISODE 18Who Pulls the Strings?

Puppets in TV Series – starting with the Gerry Anderson ‘Supermarionation’

Studio Epi – Who at the Fab Cafe 2 +meeps625 review

Ian the6thdoctor & daveac with review of ‘Doctor Who at The Fab Cafe 2’ Manchester UK on Sat. 7th Nov ’09 Plus meeps625 Gig report inc. clips of ‘Solaris’ & ‘Last Call to New York City’ by Elliot Minor.

EPISODE 17 – Cultdom – ‘Waters of Mars’

Live show discussing the Special ‘Waters of Mars’

Studio Epi – Hurricane Who – Report & Interviews

A studio episode of The Cultdom Collective Podcast on Hurricane Who – including interviews with Toby Hadoke, Colin Spaul and Rob Shearman.

Studio Epi – Dr Who – ‘Waters of Mars’

Recorded with a number of Cultdom Collective members who had just watched this Dr Who Special. FULL of spoilers – listen to only after watching the Special!

EPISODE 16Cultdom – SciFi Sermons

This week we are talking about the use of God, religious symbols & ideas as featured in TV & Film.

EPISODE 15Cultdom – The Devil’s greatest Hits

What are the ‘Greatest Hits’ of the Devil in Film & TV? ‘The Devil Rides Out’ ‘Wickerman’ ‘Devil’s Advocate’ ‘End of Days’ Let’s make a pact to meet and chat about it 🙂

EPISODE14 – Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 Wrap Up

We finish the DWM list giving our changes. Plus – Gareth David-Lloyd calls in LIVE from Hurricane Who thanks to The6thDoctor and dmwalling.

EPISODE13 – Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Bad (Part 2)

This episode we finish ‘The Bad’ in the Bottom Ten in the recent DWM Mighty 200 list.

EPISODE12 – Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Bad (Part 1)

This episode we start to cover ‘The Bad’ in the Bottom Ten in the recent DWM Mighty 200 list.

EPISODE11 – Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Good (cont.)

The original episode of the Top 4 Dr Who Adventures from DWM Mighty 200 was lost due to technical problems – sorry about that – so this show is a ‘replacement’ done as a ‘studio’ show.

EPISODE10 – Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Good

Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 list Part 1 – This episode we cover ‘The Good’ dealing with the Top Ten in the recent DWM list  UPDATE – Episode only covered 10 to 4 in Top Ten – cont.  for the next next 4 weeks!

EPISODE09 – ‘Has Bond shaken his last Martini?’

A bit like Doctor Who – James Bond has managed to re-invent himself time and again, keeping it fresh. But is he now coming to the end of his re-generations?

EPISODE08 – Samantha’s Slash Spectacular! Adult Content this episode.

Samatha leads us through the world of Slash and Slash fiction. This is an area of Adult Fan Fiction that has as it’s main theme is ‘relationships’  often involving TV characters but in ‘non-cannon’ form. ie. Willow/Tara from the TV Series Buffy would not normally be considered for this fiction.

However the show covers these concerns and also the various sub-groups that have sprung up on this diverse creative area.

This episode carries an Adult Content warning.

EPISODE07 – Does Superman suck?


It’s been over 70 years since the Babe of Steel rocketed towards Earth for the first time.  Yet it’s also been 30 years since we had a Superman film that was both critically and financially successful.

Batman, Iron Man, Spiderman, the X-Men and even The Incredible Hulk and The Incredibles have since had profitable films that tickled the critics.  Meanwhile, Superman has rarely been so integral to the DC comic book franchise.  He stood proudly at the nexus of the Infinite Crisis revamp in 2005 and all of the tremors subsequently felt in the DC Universe since then.

New Superman titles come every few months, and related merchandising still is among the hottest stuff in the comic book franchise market.  On TV, Superman has enjoyed much latter day success both in animation and in Smallville, the longest-running live-action version of the character.   So why can’t the Man of Steel also be the Man of Celluloid?

After jawing over the prospects of the filmed Kryptonian, we’ll take a look at some of the other major comic-based filmed franchise and discuss what they’ve been doing right.

We’ll wrap up with a little game to determine who is really Hollywood’s most powerful hero.
EPISODE (Studio3) Cultdom at Whooverville 2009!

One of our occasional Studio shows. This one is a report with audio clips of Whooverville 2009 organised by The Whoovers Doctor Who Group.

In case people have already heard the Podcasters’ Panel on other podcasts we’ve put that at the end of the recording main recording.

EPISODE06 – Saturday Morning Kids Cult TV

Saturday Morning Kids Cult TV – past and present. NOTE:- An especially enjoyable show this one as everyone remembered their childhood favourite show. So much so that will will have a second show soon to talk about current Kids Cult TV shows.

EPISODE05 – In Space Everyone Can Hear You Laugh.

Due to a lack of consensus from your hosts on the Comedy In Sci-Fi & Sci-Fi in comedy guidelines we decided to avoid complication and combine both shows into and all encompassing title.

EPISODE 04 – Cultdom – ‘I Am The Doctor…’

Cultdom – I Am The Doctor, whether you like it or not. In this episode we give our first thoughts on each new Doctor – Not how we rate this overall term but the concerns we may have had in their playing of the Doctor. To help get the show off to a good start we covered this topic in reverse order – starting with the last regeneration. The show ran very long as we went right back to the first regeneration or ‘renewal’ as it was termed at the time.

Show length 2:47:21

EPISODE 3 – Cultdom – Terminator Franchise

Cultdom – Terminator Franchise: Did Sarah Connor See This Comming?

Show Length 1:48:30

Episode 2 – Cultdom – ST: Voyager…

ST: Voyager… Get Lost… In The Delta Quadrant!

Show Length 1:42:47

Episode 1 – Cultdom – Beginnings! Pilots!

Episode one of a new podcast covering all areas of Sci-Fi and Cult interests. Episode 1 – Beginnings! Our beginning and Cult & Sci-Fi beginnings – Pilots!

Show Length 1:34:37

Episode – The Way Ahead (Studio 2)

Again just a short entry here as this is just a 23 minute ‘info’ Studio show done involving the two show hosts.
Again here’s the blurb from the Talkshoe page:-
A second Studio recording setting out –The Way Adead

Show Length 23:33
Episode – Zero (Studio 1)
Just a short entry here as this is just a 10 minute introductory Studio show done involving the two show hosts.
Here’s the blurb from the Talkshoe page:-
Short intro show with Ian & Dave – Ian at Unimatrix Zero and myself daveac still recovering from being blown up – in the Zero Room of the TARDIS

Show Length 10:14

Cheers, iandave

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