The Cultdom Chronicles

The Past, Present and Future of Cult Media

We…. Have…. Decided!

Hello Folks

Well the decision has been made, the podcast is called……

The Cultdom Collective

What does all this mean I hear you ask… oh you didn’t… well I’ll tell you anyway 🙂

There is a structure to this Kingdom we are building, as you may have noticed there are

several different appearances around the Internet, Our Blog, Twitter,  Facebook, and of course the Podcast.

Dave and I Decided to create separate names for these and they are as follows:

The Blog: The Cultdom Chronicles – This is to chronicle the Podcast and other things related to the show.

Twitter: Cultdom – Far easier then typing either the blog name or the podcast name, and we all know twitter is about being brief.

The Podcast: The Cultdom Collective – We knew we wanted Cultdom in the name and Dave and I have spent many a bottle of wine trying to decide. We wanted something the represented the show, and Collective seems to manage that very well.

Also thank you all for your votes, while it was still a decision to be made by Dave and myself we also needed your input into the ideas we have come up with, after all you are the ones who will be at the show and it was important for us to know what you thought.

What happens now? Well dave and I are putting the final touches on a number of things including the schedule of our first batch of show topics,  and a Facebook site. So please stay tuned, feel free to Tweet us, email us or even leave a post or show idea.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us in our new show, Dave and I appreciate all your kind words and hope we can bring you a show that will be fun to be a part of and listen to.

Many Thanks


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