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Cultdom Epi. 39 Dr Who ‘3 down 10 to go!’

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Episode 39 Dr Who ‘3 down 10 to go!’

A late night episode chatting about how new Doctor Who is doing after 3 episodes.
There will be spoilers for episodes 1 to 3

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Cheers, daveac

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  1. Listening to your podcast I ask myself, has their been a crack in time? One where the RTD era was full of great plotting and internal consistency?

    I was struck by the criticism that Moffat gave Daleks names only because they were cool and sounds great, unlike his predecessor. Really? The reason RTD gave for coming up with names like The Shadow Proclamation and various parts of New Who mythology was just that. I think he made that boast more than any other on Confidential.

    If the Moffat era so far has a problem, it’s that it’s too much like the RTD era. Rushed stories crammed into 45 minutes and in Victory of the Daleks case, a load of “hey wow” moments taking precedence over a coherent narrative. Why RTD gets praised for the very same faults Michael Bay gets buried for has always bemused me.

    What The Moffat Era is doing right is holding back on the emotional incontinence, which claimed to be deep, but was about as deep as a paperback by Mills & Boon.

    Comment by David Hughes | April 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. If you would listen again you will hear us say that we don’t believe that Moffat named “Dalek Eternal” that just because he thought it sounded cool, even though he did say it. We… or at least I think that he dosn’t do things like that without a good reason.

    There are many many problems with Victory from it’s 43 min time, bad editing and a lack of any kind of logic. We did not say that RTD’s era was perfect, but the show is geared around what we have seen thus far and what we expect.

    I love both Moffat & Davies, I believe my problem is sdjusting to so much change in one go. But I’m sure I’ll adjust.

    Comment by thesixthdoctor | April 23, 2010 | Reply

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