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Doctor Who Commentary Episodes by Cultdom

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Doctor Who Commentaries by The Cultdom Collective (Updated)

Series 1 of Doctor Who with Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor

Commentary Epi. 1 The Eleventh Hour – ‘Crack Open Another Bottle

Commentary Epi. 2 The Beast Below – ‘Unbottling The Beast Below

Commentary Epi. 3 Victory of the Daleks – ‘Victory of the Jammie Dodgers

Commentary Epi. 4 The Time of Angels – ‘Wine of Angels

Commentary Epi. 5 Flesh and Stone – ‘Flesh & Stoned

Commentary Epi. 6 Vampires of Venice – ‘Vino’s Of Venice

Commentary Epi. 7 Amy’s Choice – ‘Amy’s Choice Tipple

Commentary Epi. 8 The Hungry Earth – ‘Would you like some wine with that, Sir?

Commentary Epi. 9 Cold Blood – ‘Cold Blood Wine

Commentary Epi.10 Vincent and The Doctor

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Commentary Epi. 11 The Lodger

Direct link to mp3 –

Commentary Epi. 12 The Pandorica Opens

Commentary Epi. 13 The Big Bang

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Cheers, daveac

PS – This posting only lists Commentaries for Dr Who – although we will occasionally do them for other TV Series ie. Ashes to Ashes

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