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Commentary: The Waters of Mars


The Cultdom Collective Podcast

Commentary: The Waters of Mars

A Doctor Who Special – ‘The Waters of Mars’ the second of Cultdom’s Christmas treats for 2011 with Special Guest Gail Willis of The Cultdom Collective joining Ian, Mike & Dave on the commentary

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Cheers, Ian, Mike, Gail & daveac

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  1. As an audience member, let me answer your question, Ian:

    Yes, I do enjoy when you guys go a bit quieter in the important moments. A lot of commentaries just blather on, trying to be funny while a really good scene is going on. In fact, I wish you guys would go quieter more often, or at the least talk about what’s going on on-screen, rather than spending so much time talking about other things the actors have done. It’s nice to hear some things the actors have done, but when it takes over the entire commentary, it’s a bit much. We don’t need to hear every actor’s *entire* CV. 😉

    So, yeah…I like it.

    Comment by StormWolf | December 18, 2011 | Reply

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