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Cultdom Special Edition: Cultdom Operator

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Cultdom Special Edition: Cultdom Operator

Special episode of Cultdom Collective hosted by Rand al’Thor.
In mid-2009, Victor Surge posted images to the SomethingAwful forums of a tall and slender man haunting various individuals. All investigations were hushed.
Some years earlier, college film student Alex Kralie abandons his student film, “Marble Hornets”, and disappears altogether.
Later, Alex’s friend and fellow college film student Jay goes through the tapes left behind from the Marble Hornets film project, and begins uploading any strange footage to YouTube.
On 23 November, 2010, Jay wakes up in a hotel room, with no memories of the past seven months of his life. There is only one other guest in the entire hotel, a young woman named Jessica.
Since then other stories have cropped up around the Internet of lives devastated by a tall, slender, faceless figure in a businesssuit: Noah Maxwell, whose cousin Milo dies of a drug overdose, and soon Noah finds himself targetted by a “Mr. Slim” and a character known as the Observer; a group of friends who start up a prank fitness series featuring a friend dressing
up as this entity which attracts the attention of the real thing; a young man in New Jersey who starts hearing strange noises in his house and learns of a former owner, Mark McComber, information that leads him and a friend to discovering a cult that worships a certain tall, faceless man.
These are just some stories that have surfaced concerning an entity commonly known as the Slender Man.

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Cheers, Mike (Rand__alThor) with thanks from Ian & daveac

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