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Cultdom Commentaries: Luther Series 2 Epi. 1 to 4 (Ready for Series 3)

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Re-Post of all 4 Cultdom Commentaries of – Luther Series 2 Episodes 1 to 4 (Ready for Series 3)

Luther: Series 2 Episode 1 – Dave, Mike and Ian have a a hard time recognizing each other this week, but manage to unmask each other in time for this weeks episode.

Luther: Series 2 Episode 2 – Ian, Mike and Dave set about building a new table for the Cultdom Studio, but no one has any nails on hand, so they put down tools and pick up this weeks episode.

Luther: Series 2 Episode 3 – Ian, Mike & Dave blow the dust off their AD&D Rule Books and start rolling the D20 when suddenly they are attacked by *rolls die* this weeks episode.

Luther: Series 2 Episode 4- DM Mike leads Ian and Dave down to the Wine Cellar where the have to roll to see who opens the next bottle, luck would have it that the lads are stopped in their tracks by a Level 23 in this weeks episode.

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Cheers, Ian, Mike & daveac

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