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10 Horror Related back episodes of The Cultdom Collective Podcast

Cultdom Commentary: Dr Who – The Horror of Fang Rock (Epi. 1 & 2)
11th June 2015
Ian, Mike and Dave are having a bit of a holiday at the seaside when a storm rolls in, Ian has the idea to shelter in a Lighthouse till the storm passes… to pass the time Mike turns the light into a projector and uses the fog bank to project this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who – The Horror of Fang Rock (episodes 1 & 2)

Commentary: Dr Who – The Horror of Fang Rock (Epi. 3 & 4)
19th June 2015
Dave, Mike and Ian stick around through the fog and bad weather to bring you part 2 of their Commentary: Dr Who – The Horror of Fang Rock (Episodes 3 & 4)

Cultdom Episode 227 – Comedy Horror
Recorded 27th October 2013
Comedy Horror or Horror Comedy – The 25 Best Horror-Comedy Movies –

Cultdom Interview: The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales
Recorded 22nd August 2013
Cultdom interviews Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge the authors of ‘The Friendly Horror and Other Weird Tales’

Cultdom Episode 201 – Dr Who ‘The Crimson Horror’ Review
Recorded 8th May 2013
The Cultdom Collective Live Review of Doctor Who ‘The Crimson Horror’ Series 2 Part 2 (Spoilers!)

Cultdom Commentary: Dr Who – The Crimson Horror
Recorded 8th May 2013
Dave, Mike and Ian take off up north to a small blue shack on the banks of the canal, unfortunately the bulb in the shed burns out and Mike heads out to find Matches while Ian and Dave get a head start on this weeks Commentary: Doctor Who – The Crimson Horror

Cultdom Episode 146 – Mutations!
Recorded 12th April 2012
Mutations! In SciFi, Fantasy and Horror

Cultdom Episode 144 – Superstitions
Recorded 1st April 2012
Superstitions … as used in SciFi, Fantasy & Horror

Cultdom Episode 143 – Dead and Loving it …
Recorded 25th March 2012
Dead and Loving it … in SciFi, Fantasy & Horror. But first we chat about new Doctor Who Companion casting of Jenna-Louise Coleman. Also please checkout our recent Studio Episode: Who’s Knocking on the TARDIS Door?

Cultdom Episode 70 – A History of Horror
Recorded 31st October 2010
A 3-part series on BBC Four with Mark Gatiss celebrated the greatest achievements of horror cinema. This is the inspiration for this topic. Oh and it’s also Halloween!

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