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Second Life Meetup Today!

Hi all, if you are joining in with the Gallifreyan Embassy meetup in Second Life today – it starts at 1 PM Linden Time – then please lookout for Daveac Footman (daveac) & Kirsty Pixel (The 6th Doctor) in their Cultdom Collective T-Shirts and say hello.
Ian seems to know his way around – but you might find me hiding in my TARDIS.
Then I last quit the game I seem to have left it cluttering up the Square (Sorry SL people) I thought it would de-materialise along with me.
Why do I mention that? Because I don’t want you to think you need to have experience with SL before daring to join – it’s the sort of place where you explore and people kindly help you.
Mind you Ian was attacked by an alien last time he was there 🙂
The Dancing starts at 3PM by the way.

Cheers, iandave

EDIT Managed to locate the 3 pictures I took during the Doctor Who Podshock Second Life meetup and just uploaded them to my twitpic page. (Please click on an image to see at a larger size)
The Cultdom Collective at SL Podshock meetup pic1 on Twitpic
The Cultdom Collective at SL Podshock meetup pic2 on Twitpic
The Cultdom Collective at SL Podshock meetup pic3 on Twitpic

It was a great meetup – thanks all – daveac

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  1. Check out thirtysix (Nat’s) twitpic page for pictures from the Second Life meetup:-

    Cheers, daveac

    Comment by daveac | August 18, 2009 | Reply

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