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New Episode of TCC

A second Studio recording setting out – The Way Ahead – now available.

From the Talkshoe Site ID 54821
The Cultdom Collective Talkshoe Page

Or Subscribe to it on iTunes
The Cultdom Collective on iTunes

Cheers, iandave

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Stop Press! The Cultdom Collective Podcast on iTunes!

Stop Press!
Big News! The Cultdom Collective Podcast on iTunes!

Subscribe:- The Cultdom Collective Podcast

And drop this image into your app for that personal touch:-

Or if you prefer:-

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12 Seconds of Cultdom

There is now a ’12 Seconds’ TV Channel Cultdom
for very short, sub 12 second, announcements about – Cultdom, The Cultdom Chronicles or The Cultdom Collective.

With the latest short clip here:-

Cheers, iandave

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Keep in touch via twitter

So you can keep right up to date – why not follow us on twitter?

For Cultom follow

For Ian, The 6th Doctor follow

And for daveac follow

We will ‘follow you’ back

Cheers, iandave

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5..4..3..2..1..The Cultdom Collective Podcast is GO!

Episode Zero of The Cultdom Collective Podcast now up – Talkshow ID 54821

The Cultdom Collective Podcast

Short intro show with Ian & Dave – Ian at Unimatrix Zero and myself daveac still recovering from being blown up – in the Zero Room of the TARDIS

For now the show is just available on the Talkshoe site, from our Facebook Group page – or now by linking on the RSS feed link to the left of this page.

Soon we hope to be registered with iTunes

Cheers, iandave

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Well here we are just 20 days away from our first show, we have a Name, a website/blog,
A twitter account and now a Facebook group. Things are finally coming together into a
cohesive look. Now Dave & I can sit back and wait for the show to start…

Show topics? what show topics?

Oh…… I guess we need some of those huh!

Well for our opening show and to mirror the last topic we hosted over at CIA..
We bring you…… BEGININGS! where we will be discussing what our show is
and what we have planned, welcoming everyone to the Cultdom Collective and
discussing beginnings of some of our beloved TV/Movie series and anything

Dave and I have also come up with a list of future topics although scheduling
has not been done yet, many thanks to DarthSkeptical for his show ideas.. for
more details on some of these shows, head over to the Show Ideas section of the
Cultdom Chronicles and while you are there you can drop off a few of you own.

Here is the list (In no particular order)

• Science fiction sitcoms

• Fringe-worthiness. A discussion of Fringe.

• Of the mainstream shows from your youth, which do you most wish had a
stronger cult following so you could talk about it to . . . someone? Put another way, what
canceled non-cult show would you like to see remade or continued?

• What literary property would you most want to see brought into other media?

• Trek shows, one show for each outing into the Trekverse.

• Cult Comedy NON Sci Fi

• “Jumping the Shark”.

• The Bond franchise.

• Is The Clone Wars destroying Star Wars continuity with a big, fat, double-sided lightsabre,
while at the same time being the most popular show in Cartoon Network history.

• Virtuality and Caprica. What do these two pilots say about RDM’s talent in the wake of BSG?

• Failed SF shows of the 21st century.

• Web-only shows What kind of stuff have you missed just because you’ve been focused on your TV?

• Who’s better: Steve Austin or Jaime Sommers?

• Terminator Franchise: Did Sarah Conner See this Coming?

• Stories….. FROM THE FUTURE
(Who got it right with their visions of the Future?)

• Missing Dr Who

• Gerry Anderson Pulling Strings in Sci-Fi

So… there’s some ideas to start thinking on, please come on over to the Show Ideas Page
for more in-depth descriptions and to add your own ideas, we welcome suggestions 🙂

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We…. Have…. Decided!

Hello Folks

Well the decision has been made, the podcast is called……

The Cultdom Collective

What does all this mean I hear you ask… oh you didn’t… well I’ll tell you anyway 🙂

There is a structure to this Kingdom we are building, as you may have noticed there are

several different appearances around the Internet, Our Blog, Twitter,  Facebook, and of course the Podcast.

Dave and I Decided to create separate names for these and they are as follows:

The Blog: The Cultdom Chronicles – This is to chronicle the Podcast and other things related to the show.

Twitter: Cultdom – Far easier then typing either the blog name or the podcast name, and we all know twitter is about being brief.

The Podcast: The Cultdom Collective – We knew we wanted Cultdom in the name and Dave and I have spent many a bottle of wine trying to decide. We wanted something the represented the show, and Collective seems to manage that very well.

Also thank you all for your votes, while it was still a decision to be made by Dave and myself we also needed your input into the ideas we have come up with, after all you are the ones who will be at the show and it was important for us to know what you thought.

What happens now? Well dave and I are putting the final touches on a number of things including the schedule of our first batch of show topics,  and a Facebook site. So please stay tuned, feel free to Tweet us, email us or even leave a post or show idea.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us in our new show, Dave and I appreciate all your kind words and hope we can bring you a show that will be fun to be a part of and listen to.

Many Thanks


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Help Us Decide

Hello Folks,

Well since we are 4 weeks away from our Premier Episode, Dave and I think it’s about time to nail down a name for the Podcast.

We have a name for the for the Blog/Website “The Cultdom Chronicles”, which is set up to chronicle the Podcast 🙂

But the Podcast itself needs a name,  so check out the choices below and let us know your preference… Dave and I will

check them out over the next week and let you all know our decision  next Tuesday, July 14th.

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Cultdom Listed on TWIDW

Cultdom listed in ‘This Week in Doctor Who‘ onBenjamin Elliott’s weekly guide to Doctor Who!

Live Talkshoe Broadcasts
call in number (724) 444-7444 call id 54821
Dave AC and (correction) Ian have guest hosted CIA so much that they developed a taste for doing it themselves. So they are launching their own show starting Sunday 2 August. Now the two shows will be side by side, one after the other for twice the chatting on twice the topics. Chats open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.
Upcoming episode:
2 August 3:30PM EDT/12:30PM PDT/8:30PM BST – 1. No title/topic yet. Based on the announced day and time, this is where the new show should be.

Thanks Benjamin

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The Future of CIA

Hello All,

Just thought I would pass along to you some news about the CIA: Cultdom In Audio Podcast.

I spoke with West today and he has confirmed that he intends to return to the show starting with Episode 101.

West has been very busy lately but will be back, this however has not changed anything here with our new

show, but Dave and I will be participating from time to time with CIA, and we wish West all the best.


A.K.A. TheSixthDoctor

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