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Podshock Second Life Fall Meet-up

Hello all,
Well yesterday was the Podshock Fall meetup on Second Life with the biggest turn out
so far. Much fun was had during the TARDIS Tours thanks to Victor1st Mornington, we all
thank you Sir for you hard work and dedication to Doctor Who in Second Life along with
all your Doctor Who Experience friends.

After the tour we all met for the party in which Drinking, chatting and Dancing ensued and
much fun was had by all. Thanks to Louis And Victor again for putting this event together
it is much appreciated by us all.

Here is a Photo of Myself, Dave & Louis Trapani in front of the TARDIS used to transport us all around
during the tour… yes… we all fit… It’s bigger on the inside 🙂

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Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Bad Cont..

Update – TCCP ‘Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Bad’ continues 3PM EDT on Sunday 25th Oct. On Talkshoe ID 54821 or listen later from iTunes

The Sixth Doctor Here 🙂

Just to give you all a heads up for Sunday’s Show Here is the Bottom 10 Stories from DWM’s Mighty 200 Stories:

191. The Dominators.
192. Fear Her.
193. Paradise Towers.
194. The Underwater Menace.
195. The Space Pirates.
196. Time-Flight.
197. Underworld.
198. Time and the Rani.
199. Timelash.
200. The Twin Dilemma.

Give em a look over, refresh your memories and we will see you at 3pm EST for another fun filled episode of “The Cultdom Collective Podcast”

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In Space Everyone Can Hear You Laugh!

Due to a lack of consensus from your hosts on the Comedy In Sci-Fi & Sci-Fi in comedy guidelines we decided to avoid complication and combine both shows into and all encompassing title.

Dave & I decided that there was no fine line between Comedy in Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi in Comedy, so rather than spending time on the show discussing the guidelines for each topic we decided to go with an umbrella
topic that took care of everything.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the canned laughter 🙂

The Cultdom Collective Podcast Episode 5 is on Talkshoe ID 54821 on Sunday 30th August ‘09 at 3.30 pm EDT

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The Future of CIA

Hello All,

Just thought I would pass along to you some news about the CIA: Cultdom In Audio Podcast.

I spoke with West today and he has confirmed that he intends to return to the show starting with Episode 101.

West has been very busy lately but will be back, this however has not changed anything here with our new

show, but Dave and I will be participating from time to time with CIA, and we wish West all the best.


A.K.A. TheSixthDoctor

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