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Cultdom – Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Bad Cont..

Update – TCCP ‘Dr Who’s Mighty 200 – The Bad’ continues 3PM EDT on Sunday 25th Oct. On Talkshoe ID 54821 or listen later from iTunes

The Sixth Doctor Here 🙂

Just to give you all a heads up for Sunday’s Show Here is the Bottom 10 Stories from DWM’s Mighty 200 Stories:

191. The Dominators.
192. Fear Her.
193. Paradise Towers.
194. The Underwater Menace.
195. The Space Pirates.
196. Time-Flight.
197. Underworld.
198. Time and the Rani.
199. Timelash.
200. The Twin Dilemma.

Give em a look over, refresh your memories and we will see you at 3pm EST for another fun filled episode of “The Cultdom Collective Podcast”

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