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Podshock Second Life Fall Meet-up

Hello all,
Well yesterday was the Podshock Fall meetup on Second Life with the biggest turn out
so far. Much fun was had during the TARDIS Tours thanks to Victor1st Mornington, we all
thank you Sir for you hard work and dedication to Doctor Who in Second Life along with
all your Doctor Who Experience friends.

After the tour we all met for the party in which Drinking, chatting and Dancing ensued and
much fun was had by all. Thanks to Louis And Victor again for putting this event together
it is much appreciated by us all.

Here is a Photo of Myself, Dave & Louis Trapani in front of the TARDIS used to transport us all around
during the tour… yes… we all fit… It’s bigger on the inside 🙂

November 15, 2009 Posted by | 1 | 1 Comment